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DEC 2014 - MARCH 2015!
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This page was last updated: January 5, 2015
Winter Tours & Activities in Seward 2015  
(DEC 2014 - MARCH 2015)
 Friday through Monday     10:30AM - 1:00pm
 RESTRICTED ENTRY Tuesday through Thursday
Kenai Fjords National Park Access:
            Adventure Sixty North is authorized for four round-trips per day and no commercial services 
Tuesday through Thursday after 1 p.m.
Access to the entrance (bridge) is available any time any day.
Snow coach just cannot go into park on times stated above. 

Transport is available for winter adventurers that take advantage of the National Park Service cabin near Exiit Glacier! Take your snow shoes, skis, and gear and stay out where it snows most of the time. (Available if snow is adequate and Park permits snow travel)
 Reservations: Reservations are required and can be made in person at the park's Administrative Offices or by calling 907-422-0500. We will begin accepting reservations for cabin use on October 15th for the coming winter season. The cabin is available for use beginning October 15th and ending April 15th. Each reservation is limited to no more than three nights.
Cost: $50 per night.
 Friday through Monday     10:30AM - 2:30pm
 RESTRICTED ENTRY Tuesday through Thursday
Kenai Fjords National Park Access:
            Adventure Sixty North is authorized to lead snow shoe tours at Exit Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park. Trips depart our office and travel by snow coach or dog sled depending on the option that is booked. Snow shoe treks begin at the Nature Center parking area and travel back to the glacier making a 2 mi. snow shoe trek. 
Transport wil take approximately 1 hr each way.

Offered by Turning Heads Kennel   
 For those brave enough to visit Alaska in the winter, dog mushing is a must do activity. Turning Heads Kennel welcomes you explore trails around Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park. Your tour will start with a visit to our kennel. You’ll get to see first hand where the dogs live and how we take care of them. After a brief introduction to kennel life, we’ll get you geared up with everything you need to stay comfortable out on the trail.
Then the fun really begins. We’ll pack up the gang and head out to Kenai Fjords National park on a wonderful trail perfect for first-time mushers. We’ll stop for a snack and enjoy the scenery. The trail is wide and easy to navigate and incredibly scenic -
 For those brave enough to visit Alaska in the winter, fat tire bike tours are must do activity. Seward Adventure Company welcomes you explore trails around Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park. Guide tours to Exit Glacier is offered using fat tire bikes that travel over snow. This is the newest adventure activity that is becoming huge in Alaska.
 for more information on this activity - 
Cross Country - Back Country - Skate Ski   
 For those brave enough to visit Alaska in the winter, many many miles of groomed trails exist in the Seward Area. Back-country skiing is the best kept secret here in Seward. Back country skiers hike the many bowls and chutes in the many mountains just outside of town. The Seward area has a very active Nordic ski club that can provide on its web site, the trail locations and conditions of area maintained trails. 
Adventure Sixty North transports skiers to from Exit glacier by snow coach.  
 for more information on this activity - 
Seward Alaska is located in a unique location that offers so much accessibility to winter tours, great food, great hotels and more.
Tours are available during the winter, if you have your own skis, snow shoes, snow machines, and even kayaks you will have some of the most scenic wilderness at your fingertips. If you need guided tours, gear rental, and advice we have that here too. Seward is home to 2 commercial dog sled operations, the Alaska Sealife Center, Adventure Sixty North Outdoor Adventure Center, and Seward Adventure Company. Most of the hotels, B&Bs and restaurants will remain open during the winter making Seward a great place to visit and play. Come down and see the Kenai  Fjords National Park, even in the winter!  Check out the Willow Winter Cabin located at Exit Glacier for winter getaways!
Key Hole in Resurrection Bay
Blue Berry Pancake
Blue Berry Pancake
Nice Day In Bear Glacier
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 Exit Glacier
  As conditions Permit!

P.O. BOX 2487


Adventure Sixty N LLC, Guide Service, Seward, AK

PLEASE REVIEW  for more information (NPS site)   Click here 
 Friday through Monday     10:30AM - 12:30PM
                                                 & (LATER IF DEMAND EXISTS) 
Daily snow shoe tour departs parking area on Herman Leheir Rd approximately 10:30am. Conditions permitting!
Meet at our shop (trips by reservation) at 10:00 am and we gear up and check out your appropriate outdoor clothing and fit your snow shoes for your size and weight. We then load up in one of our vans and drive out to 
the Stoney Creek Zip Line area and hike the trail used by the Zip Line during the summer season. This trek will go through some old growth spruce and provide some amazing views of the seward area including Resurrection Bay as you gain elevation on your hike up this part of the mountain that overlooks the Stoney Creek area.
Your guide will provide hot drinks for this trip.  
NOTE! Zip Line is Closed until May 2015

About walking or hiking, and biking out to Exit Glacier from the Seward Hwy.
The road to Exit Glacier is 8.6mi one way from the Seward Hwy on Herman Leirer Road one way if hiking out or biking out to Exit Glacier. Road is closed to cars during the winter and sometimes opens in May depending on snow levels. Snow shoe trekkers dog sled teams, cross country skiers, Sno Coach and snow machines use the road all winter for winter activities. Herman Leirer Rd is approx 3 mi north of Seward on the Seward Hwy. We figure that the walking or biking distance from Seward is at least 12mi. one way. Call us for shuttle to meet our Sno Coach and to schedule your winter Exit Glacier adventure. (Watch of Moose on the road!)  Winter in Alaska can be challenging for anyone, anytime and is very unpredictable. We encourage everyone to prepair properly for any activity in  the Alaskan wilderness. Adventure Sixty North uses satellite phone and radio for emergency contact while in Exit Glacier, cell is very limited...
Please check out the fact sheet for additional information for the 
Willow Cabin located in the 
Kenai FjordsNational Park 
at Exit Glacier for more information on the Willow Cabin and its unique location and amenities.
Adventure Sixty North can provide Snow Coach transportation to the Willow Cabin area once the
 Kenai Fjords National Park
permits snow machines to access the park. If planning to use our 12 passenger snow coach for access, please check to see if snow machine access is permitted.
Adventure Sixty North also has gear sleds to rent to pull by snow shoe trekkers or skiers for those that wish to haul their own gear and trek out to the cabin.
Snow Shoe Hikes at Exit Glacier are a winter favorite here in Seward!
Stopping at the scenic pull outs for photos are part of the Scenic Snow Coach Tour! 
Playing in the snow is one of the best ways to spend time in Seward, and the Kenai Fjords National Park
Snow Coach Travel to Exit Glacier Glacier is a great way for getting out into the Kenia Fjords National Park during the winter months!