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Finding Gold In Alaska with Adventure 60 North!

a clock sits at the top of a wooden boat

You can look around Alaska for the truly Alaskan activities that are scattered all over a state that is twice the size of Texas. Fortunately Seward Alaska is one of those Alaskan towns where locals like us continue to provide the epic adventures and activities that Alaska is famous for. Seward Alaska is a small town that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and pristine waters that you will find as you travel through Alaska looking for the real deal. Seward unlike many of the the towns in the Southeast is still home of many of the locally owned businesses and retains that small town charm even today. Seward, Alaska is a town where you can find ocean wildlife and sea life viewing tours, dog sledding on a glacier in snow and ice, hike on a glacier, kayak among huge ice bergs, fish for those famous Alaskan fish that are abundant here, and more. There is so much here to consider and do that makes Seward a great place to spend a few days and do much of what Alaska is all about. We think this is a golden opportunity to get out and explore a world that is changing rapidly, but still exists and is adapting to mother earths ever changing plan. And yes you can try your skills or learn a new skill gold panning in Seward, Alaska at Adventure 60 North’s gold panning site. You just might find gold in Alaska with all that is offered here in Seward, Alaska.

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