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Aialik Bay Guide Assisted Multi-Day Trip

Difficulty Rating: Moderate

Quick Details

3 Days/2 Nights 4+ people • Price/person
4 Days/3 Nights 4+ people • Price/person
5 Days/4 Nights 4+ people • Price/person

Experience Glacier Bay kayaking and Camping in Seward, Alaska! Great for adventurers with experience in backcountry camping with their own backpacking gear!

If you are experienced with back country camping and have your own outdoor gear including tent, pad, sleeping bag, rain boots, rain gear, cooking gear, etc. and need a guide to assist you with local knowledge, interpretation, and safety – this option might be for you.

We normally do not base camp on our trips and as part of the trip you will be required to follow the paddle plan that is determined at your mandatory pre-trip meeting the day prior to departure at 7pm.

We supply kayaks with basic kayaking gear, guide with 1st aid gear, satellite phone for emergency use only, and water taxi transport.

What you must pack/supply

  • 4-season tent
  •  synthetic non-cotton clothing
  • water bladder
  • water filter
  • small backpacking stove
  • 0 degree sleeping bag (synthetic & stuffable in a waterproof sack
  • sleeping/ground pad (to roll up to minimal size)
  • dry bags (10 liter size)
  • rain gear

No bulky gear – compactable only. We do rent gear if needed. Your guide will review your gear to ensure that it is compatible and can fit.

Space for packing your gear is very limited in your kayak. So packing slightly oversized items just will not allow for all of your gear to fit inside your kayak.

What to Bring

We will send you a list to assist you with the packing process!