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Aialik Bay Fully Guided Multi-Day Trip

Difficulty Rating: Moderate

Quick Details

2 Days/ 1 Night 2 people (Price/person)
2 Days/1 Night 3 people (Price/person)
2 Days/1 Night 4+ people (Price/person)
3 Days/2 Nights 2 people (Price/person)
3 Days/2 Nights 3 people (Price/person)
3 Days/2 Nights 4+ people (Price/person)
4 Days/3 Nights 2 people (Price/person)
4 Days/3 Nights 3 people (Price/person)
4 Days/3 Nights 4+ people (Price/person)
5 Days/4 Nights 2 people (Price/person)
5 Days/4 Nights 3 people (Price/person)
5 Days/4 Nights 4+ people (Price/person)

Explore, Kayak and Camp in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park!

Aialik Multi-Day Kayak/Camping Trips are specialized for small group trips limited to 4-6 people per guide for our multi-day trips unless a group requests a larger capacity. We don’t base camp unless conditions prevent us from moving or we have been asked to do that option.

Our experience has shown us that the 3/4/5-day trips are the ideal length. Due to the feedback we have received from our guests in the past, we have learned that a 2-day & 1-night option, which is a short excursion at best, does not permit a relaxed and comfortable kayaking and exploring experience. If you are looking for a 2-day & 1-night trip, we believe that our Bear Glacier Overnight would be a great option for you.

Fully Outfitted and Guided Trips

We supply what you need including, boots, pogies for your hands comfort, 4-Season tents, and more. No need to rent sleeping bags pads for our fully guided trips! Others often do! We do supply Fully Guided and Outfitted trips with sleeping bags and pads.

Aialik Bay offers one of the most exciting wildlife and glacier viewing kayaking and wilderness camping opportunities that you can do while visiting this part of Alaska. Located in the heart of our Kenai Fjords National Park and home to some very impressive glaciers, wildlife and abundant sea life, we feel that you will be inspired as well as enlightened.