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Join us for Seward Gold Panning and Start Searching for Gold and Semi-Precious Stones that we also Find Aound Seward, Alaska!

We will teach you the ropes with a gold panning demonstration in our elevated troughs by our rustic gift shop. Personalized how-to demonstrations will have you panning like a pro, while providing some local humor and history along the way. Some treasures can include: red jasper, hemalyke, fluorite, quartz, amethyst, red agate, tourmaline, and garnet. Book your Seward gold panning tour for a truly Alaskan experience!

Select A Gold Panning Activity at Clear Creek!

From $70

This 2.5 hr. Exit Glacier nature hike and the Gold Panning at Clear Creek panning area located on Adventure Sixty North property is great for, viewing a glacier without getting on the ice and combining a bit of Alaskan history by learning how to find gold in a gold pan the Alaskan way!