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Van Transports

Quick Details

Round Trip By Van 2 person minimum

Transports into the Kenai Fjords National Park at Exit Glacier Alaska conditions permitting!

(Provides Shoulder Season (Pre Snow And Pre Summer Season) Using Vans.

We have been doing the spring and fall tours in Seward, Alaska for years. Shoulder season as we call it, happens around October – November (Fall) and April – mid May (Spring) seasons. Normally the road to Exit Glacier is gated shut by end of October and reopens late April or Early May depending on if the road is clear of snow and ice.

We offer transportation out to Exit Glacier during these times of the year by van if conditions permit. We also offer hikes at the glacier depending on the conditions and guide availability.

Ride out on by van to the overlook and visitor area at the park. The van follows the roadway (closed for season to autos) to the park parking area and visitor building.

Adventure Sixty North operates by commercial permits!

Additional Information

  • If snow does not permit vans to travel we will be offering Snow Cat transports at additional cost starting as conditions permit!
  • Snow shoes and poles, hiking gear, bear spray are available for rent.