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VHF Marine Radio & Satellite Phone Rentals

Quick Details

VHF hand held radio per day
VHF hand held radio per week
Satellite Phone Rental per day
Satellite Phone Rental per week
Satellite Phone Rental call per minute

Seward, Alaska Satellite Phone Rental!

A rental agreement must be signed by the person responsible for rental before any item can leave Adventure Sixty North property/shop. All gear must be returned in the same shape and condition as when rented. If condition is not suitable to reuse, you will be charged for replacement.

All damaged items returned will be determined to be repairable or requiring replacement, repair cost and or replacement cost will be charged additionally to renter upon determination by Adventure Sixty North staff.

  • Iridium Satellite Phones Rentals
  • Alaska and Worldwide sim cards available
  • Marine Hand Held VHF Radio Rentals
  • (Uniden) VHF Hand Held Marine Radios
  • Water Resistant Marine multi-channel hand held radio

What’s Included

  • 1 extra battery & choice of a light weight (hiking weight) or (heavy duty) waterproof Pelican cases.
  • Phones are not waterproof & must be protected in a case or dry container.