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Some of our trips offer a sandwich lunch!

Some of our trips offer a sandwich lunch! If your trip is one of them, please choose a sandwich and let us know so we can have it ordered for you the day before your trip!

Remember to tell us if you have any allergies or food issues so we can plan ahead. We do also provide water, snacks, and hot drinks on many of our trips.

All sandwiches come with lettuce & tomato unless you tell us otherwise.

If you are gluten free, we ask that you bring your bread, or we can request the sandwich be wrapped in lettuce.

**Gluten free bread is not always available in Seward!**

  • Turkey & Colby
  • Roast Beef & Cheddar
  • Pastrami & Swiss
  • Veggie w/ optional Havarti

Overnight trips will have the option of requesting special meals with their guide after booking. All meals are made fresh in the field! Most of our overnighters return raving about the amazing food prepared on their trip saying they ate better than they do at home! Our guides take the time to plan meals around your needs.