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Winter in Seward, Alaska 2023

a person that is standing in the snow

Winter in Seward is a special time of the year for our town. As the snow begins to fall above the town blanketing the surrounding mountains which border Seward, the people of the town watch the snow levels ever so slowly drop until we wake up with a white blanket of snow covering the town. The whole town seemingly transforms to a winter pattern of activity. Snow plows and snow blowers are doing their work, folks are headed to the coffee shop to meet and greet and talk about the new season of winter predicting what type of winter, how much snow we will get, and planning the next outdoor adventure in the newly fallen snow. This seems to be the pattern for our town or village as some people call it. Unfamiliar faces start showing up at the stores, restaurants, and coffee shop asking about the outdoor adventures that are available at that time of year. Things do slow down in Seward during the winter, fewer hotels, fewer restaurant option, and fewer tourists. However, we do have all of those open with some great options. Tour operators are fewer and some are switching it up to provide tours to the winter visitors as conditions permit. 2023 seems to have more winter activities to do than previous years, with dog sledding, boat tours, Alaska Sea Life Center, snowshoe tours, snow cat tours, snow machine tours and snow shoe rentals. Exit Glacier is now accessible with multiple options, from dog sledding with Turning Heads Kennel to snow cat or snow machine with Adventure Sixty North. Resurrection Bay is accessible by boat with Seward Ocean Excursions and by kayak with Adventure Sixty North. Seward it seems has become a year round destination for adventure in one of the most beautiful parts of Alaska. Come see for yourself! Explore the Kenai Fjords year round and enjoy the small town vibe that we all share with all of you!

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