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Welcome Summer!

Summer is heating up literally and figuratively. Our staff is melting like the glaciers with the 80 degree heat and constant sunshine. Is this Alaska or what? In addition to the heat we have been busy with training and running trips. We introduced the new guides to the beauty of the fjords, and its exciting surprises like humpback whales surfacing 30 feet from the kayak! I could see into the depths of its blowholes. Did you know that humpbacks have two blowholes side by side, similar looking to our nostrils?

Photo: our 3 day staff trip in Aialik Bay. Eating our salads before a homemade chili dinner! This is our first night camped in Abra Cove across the bay from Aialik Glacier (seen in the background).

One of my favorite things about this summer is our new trip the Big Adventure Package“. It’s just such a well balanced trip with about 4 miles of kayaking, 4 miles of hiking, lunch, and a couple of hours of whale watching for desert. It’s a pretty sweet trip for those ready for a big day of exploration.

Photo: Captain Laef navigates Resurrection Bay in search of whales. It’s a nice small boat, about 6 guests max, so he’ll let you sit out on the bow when we see something cool. In this photo we were watching a pod of killer whales slicing stealthily through the water. On our “Big Adventure Package” we work with Northern Latitude Adventures

We’ll enjoy this heat while it lasts!

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