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Winter Sea Kayaking in Seward, Alaska

a man sitting on top of a snow covered mountain

Winter sea kayaking is not widely found around Alaska, but you can do guided sea kayaking in Seward, Alaska with Adventure Sixty North. Kayaking year round has been a normal part of Adventure Sixty North’s operations for a few years now. We have found that kayaking in the winter offers some of the most beautiful and unique paddling that can be found. Weather conditions will dictate if we go or if we choose to do a hike instead of paddling, but if the conditions are right, it is the best. Watching snow flakes appear to rise from the sea as their reflections mirror what is happening from the skies is a very interesting and soothing thing to see. Seward, also offers other winter options for our visitors from around the world. Boat tours, hiking, snow shoe tours, and more….check it out….

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